Carefully handcrafted artisan soaps that are good for your skin and the environment.

With our carefully handcrafted artisan soaps, not only will your skin thank you, but so will the environment. All oils and butters used are sustainably sourced, good for your skin, and the environment. Using clean fragrances that are free of harmful toxins, earth friendly colorants, pure essential oils, and zero waste packaging with biodegradable paper wrapper.

Scented candles that you can feel good having in your home again!

We use high quality, sustainably sourced, non-toxic soy and coconut waxes to create a special in house proprietary blend that ensures a clean burning candle in your home.

The fragrances used have been carefully researched and thoroughly tested to be free of harmful toxins, such as Phthalates, Carcinogens and Mutagens. You can now feel good having scented candles in your home again.