Carefully handcrafted artisan soaps that are good for your skin and the environment.

With our carefully handcrafted artisan soaps, not only will your skin thank you, but so will the environment. All oils and butters used are sustainably sourced, good for your skin, and the environment. Using clean fragrances that are free of harmful toxins, earth friendly colorants, pure essential oils, and zero waste packaging with biodegradable paper wrapper.

Scented candles that you can feel good having in your home again!

We use high quality, sustainably sourced, non-toxic waxes to create a special in house proprietary blend that ensures a clean burning candle in your home.

The fragrances used have been carefully researched and thoroughly tested to be free of harmful toxins, such as Phthalates and Carcinogens. So you can now feel good about having clean scented candles in your home again.


"I'm usually really sensitive to scents so I avoid the candle aisle of any store like the plague, but the clean fragrances in these candles don't bother me at all!.....These burn so evenly, so they last much longer compared to your average candle that drowns it's own wick due to an uneven burn.....It's important to me that these have such clean ingredients."


Never disappointed with anything from this candle maker... Not overpowering .... Shes the bestπŸ’™πŸ’™


Absolutely recommend it! High quality candles! So happy I found out about her shop!


When I opened the mail box at the post office I knew I was going to love the spring scents. The aroma radiated out of the box and filled the whole post office with fragrances of spring and sunshine. Thank you!


I’m so happy to have found something beautiful to send. I never have to worry about the quality, because every order Eugenia puts her heart into. Every candle and soap is made with love. She puts attention and detail into the gift as if it were made for her own loved ones.


"Saudade products are incredible! Both for my home and my body. They smell so good while still being safe for my family!"


"Cleanest, purest, candles and soaps I've ever used! So great!"


"Eugenia's candles are the only candles I purchase. Most candles give me a headache or are overpowering, not these. Her candles are perfectly balanced and each fragrance is amazing."