About Saudade Handcrafted


Our Story:

My name is Eugenia. I began to make candles as a hobby back in 2019. I started to make them because, over time, I had become extremely sensitive the strong fragrances found in store bought candles, but still wanted the ability to have scented candles in the home. I also began making handmade soap for myself and my family, as I was dealing with certain skin sensitivities.
It also became an important part in helping me with my mental health.

I began researching and testing until I was able to make scented candles that were clean, free of harmful toxins, and safe to be used in the home. Also, in time was able to find a soap formula that was not drying or irritating to my sensitive skin, but was also good for my family and my beloved pets.

This brought me to opening my very first shop on Etsy January 25th 2021. In time I began to add handmade soaps to the shop as well, as it became a highly requested item.

This brings me to today. Opening this shop allows me the freedom to be able to make more clean scented candles available to others, who wish to have scented candles that are free of harmful toxins and safe to use in their home. Also, to be able to bring handmade soaps, that are good for the skin and good for our environment. Bringing you a bar of soap that is made with much thought and love, because you are that important and special.

The meaning behind the name:
Saudade (saʊˈdɑːdə), is a Portuguese word that describes a deep emotional feeling of nostalgia. It has been described as “the love that remains”. A recollection of feelings, experiences, people, places, events, that have brought great meaning into your life.

I went back to my Portuguese roots when it came to naming the shop. SAUDADE is the attribute reflected in each scented candle made. Through each hand poured candle, each scent, is a reflection of those cherished, memorable, moments in life…as the love that will always remain.


Made In Southern Oregon

Come join us and other amazing local vendors in Southern Oregon at the upcoming Made In Southern Oregon event. Click down below for more details.