Do you do custom or personalized orders?

No. Currently we do not make custom or personalized orders.


Can I place an order directly with you by messaging you on Instagram, Facebook, etc..?

No, we do not process transactions outside this website platform. If you wish to place an order, it must be placed on this platform. This ensures we have the most accurate record of all transactions made and that each transaction is safely performed. This not only protects us as a business, but also protects you as the customer.


Why does checkout not accept my payment method?

All available payment methods will be displayed at checkout. If you come across a problem with your payment processing, try one of the other available payment methods. If the payment processing is still an issue, please contact your financial institution. 


If I am local, can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

Yes! We now have an option available at checkout that allows you to do a local pick up. Be sure to follow all the instructions provided in your confirmation email when you do so.

Do you sell your products wholesale to sell on other stores?

Yes. We offer wholesale in bulk to businesses only. Please email us at saudadehandcrafted@outlook.com to be approved as a wholesale account.


What type of fragrances do you use on your soaps and candles?

We use clean fragrances on our candles. These are phthalate, carcinogen and paraben free. They free of harmful toxins. For our soaps, we likewise use clean fragrances that are skin safe as well as essential oils.


What colorants do you use on your soap?

We use environmentally friendly and skin safe micas, oxide pigments, natural clays, and food powders as colorants in our bars of soap.


Can you do soap without Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)?

No. You cannot have soap without Lye. Lye, when emulsified with fats, creates a saponification reaction that is required for making soap. However, if properly made, there should be no lye left in the end product. Therefore, the end product of soap has no lye in it. 


What kind of wax do you use on your candles?

We currently are using a combination of soy and coconut waxes that are sustainably sourced. For our wooden wick candles, we have made a proprietary blend of soy, coconut and food grade paraffin. We continue to test different waxes.


Do you use zinc wicks on your candles?

No. Our wicks are made of natural cotton and paper for a clean even burn of the candle. We also use wooden wicks that are made of FSC certified wood and handcrafted in the U.S.A.


Why is there an odd textured top after burning the candle?

Due to the nature of plant based waxes (such as soy, coconut), you will be likely to get uneven textured tops after burning the candle. This does not affect the quality of the burn of the candle in any way. It simply is a natural process of plant based candle waxes, particularly ones containing soy.

If you're new to using these candles, welcome!



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